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These videos fall into three groupings: (1) videos I shot (Jud Blakely) in HD in 2013; (2) videos someone else shot in VHS; (3) videos taken off television in 1987.  The 1987 videos are low quality because VHS tapes can't be improved by digital editing tools.

The videos I shot in 2013 in Tigard are of Doug Macy, Doug Bomarito, Clayton Hering, Tim Gallagher, and Jerry Pero.  Jerry was learning to cope with speech problems.  He and Ben Stanley were core founders of VVOMF, two marvels of dedication at work.  

The 2013 Observations of Jerry Pero

The 2013 Observations of Doug Macy

The 2013 Observations of Doug Bomarito

The 2013 Observations of Clayton Hering

The 2013 Observations of Tim Gallagher

The Dedication Ceremony on 11 NOV 1987

This video was shot by a VVOMF member.  It captures nearly all the ceremony but cuts off right near the final lines of Steve Mason's poem.  We're lucky to have obtained this footage.  The drawback is that not much can be done to improve the quality of VHS video. 

VVOMF President Doug Bomarito in 1987

Ben Stanley and Doug Bomarito in 1987

Doug Macy and Doug Bomarito in 1987

Jerry Pero and Chris Noel in 1987

The 2013 Observations of Jud Blakely

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