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No one asked me to design a website for the Living Memorial and no one even said that one was needed.  But I felt a website was necessary and so I began a project in 2014 to create one.  Today, in July 2019, I wonder yet again if this project can ever be "done."


The answer is simple: No, such a project can never be done.  I mean, we honor 808 "ghosts" (of flesh and blood) who roam within the hearts and minds of all who choose not to forget them.  So long as they are not forgotten, they do not die.  We remember them. 


(by Jud Blakely) 



Portraits for vvomf 2019 jerry pero.jpg
Portraits for vvomf 2019 ben stanley.jpg
Portraits for vvomf 2019 doug bomarito.j

When I first talked with Doug Bomarito about me doing a website for the Memorial, he was "full speed ahead" on what I had in mind.  What I had in mind was an historical view that put in context how this Living Memorial was an "impossible dream" come true.


Jerry Pero and Ben Stanley were at the forefront of all the Impossible Dreamers based on their 1982 trip to attend the dedication of what has become known as "The Wall" in DC.  They returned to Portland with a keen resolve to build a Vietnam Memorial here.    

mike and jerry flex.jpg
goldade and pero 1 copy.jpg

As of July 2019, this is Version #4 of this website.  Why?  Because the first three web design programs I used have either gone south or might soon.  Sites built with "unsupported" programs fall out of sync with browsers as each update comes and goes.


And so, I've re-done (with many edits) the Living Memorial website as my first project utilizing WIX.  As a one-man band in site design, I do all the writing, edit all the photos, and also digitize and edit all the video.  Bottom line: I'm at fault for any glitches or errors.

garden of solace edit 2018.jpg
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