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(by Jud Blakely

MARC ALBERT exemplifies love of Family and love of Country.  Marc is the power (and glory) of Citizenship in action.  As a skilled writer who learned to design websites, his website is in a class by itself.  Check it out.  I think you'll agree.    

Marc D. Albert 2.jpg

Here's the report from Marc Albert: "A new online resource is now available to people who are planning for their Memorial Day weekend in Oregon and are looking for a meaningful commemoration event to attend.  Good News!  There are many of these events. 


" has a directory plus an interactive state map leading to photos, directions, and up-to-date program details on ceremonies being held on main streets and at cemeteries, at veterans memorials, and parks all across our state."  Read more... 

Marc D. Albert 3.jpg

Marc Albert is one more American who personifies a quote I recall from The Bridges of Toko-Ri, a movie set in the Korean War when a pilot was shot down (and killed) trying to rescue a ground unit.  The CO of the aircraft carrier said this: "Where do we get such men?"

The answer is, America gets such men from such places as Tigard, the home now of Marc Albert.  I know Tigard well.  I was a freshman at Beaverton HS in 1957 and in the first graduating class at Sunset in 1961 before heading off to graduate from OSU in 1965 and Vietnam.


What Marc has chosen to create with helps to bolster my hope that freedom and resolve are alive and well even if they seem fading and weak.  If Marc and I ever have the good fortune to meet face to face, I look forward to telling him that.  

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