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828 Sons of Oregon fell in Vietnam in the war that we and our allies fought halfway around the world from 1959 to 1976.  Yet, so long as we don't forget them, they do not die.  In remembering them, we keep them close and within the journey of our lives.

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We honor, as well, the 57,000 Oregonians who answered the Call of the Nation, who served and survived, and who then returned to work and marry and raise families of their own.  The Memorial is also a marker of recognition in tribute to them and their service.

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Our Memorial "lives" in being renewed so abundantly by the cycle of nature each season by each season in a never-ending rebirth of Life Forces...and because it renews our timeless embrace of all those who fell while cast into the far reaches of Harm's Way.

The Living Memorial offers a calm yet vibrant touch upon the soul that aims in silence to redeem and reconcile so many of us from the surging currents of rancor, fear, acrimony, and disgust that so inundated the Nation back during those dark and seething days.

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